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Support our troops overseas, even if you don't support our president, it's not the troops' fault.

The Webmail system is back online. I apologize for the down time, but the servers had to be reconfigured. All of your mail has been recieved still and is waiting for you. I believe I have all the bugs worked out now, but if you have anything that isn't working right anymore, please pop me off an e-mail to alex182@rednecktek.net and I'll get right on it. Again, I apologize for the delay and the unavailability.

Well, the first thing you'll notice is that I'm NOT a web programmer.

Actually I'm a hardware geek. I was working in the ever fickle IT world for a digital Solutions provider for dental offices, but they canned my ass to hire someone cheaper... oh well...
I do other things besides computers though. I'd love to tell you about it, but the TAPE DRIVE DIED!!! So, all the links I used to have here are gone. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to start over. I'll get the pictures up as I come across them.

Also in my trials and tribulations, I've been helping a kid in Missouri learn about Linux (I remember many years ago when he asked me what Linux was) and now I'm proud to say that he has done the impossible!

Visit him at

He's running a Linux server, through NAT on an XP Pro machine to a dynamic address! Wootage!

I also got my litle sister's web site up so she can post all sorts of stuff about the cats. It's X-TREME CUTENESS!! Check her out!
Visit her at

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